Mazda 3 Review

Mazda’s 3 boasts class leading acceleration and a top speed that can match most of its rivals. The car is Mazda’s first attempt in a while to get into the hot hatch market. The Mazda 3 will do a lot to boost the company’s image.
The car can reach 0-62mph in 6.1 seconds. The car’s top speed is 155mph electronically. The car goes faster than what most buyers will ever push the car to do. The car is definitely fast.
Not only is the car fast, but it provides excellent handling. The car’s low ride height and firm suspension give the car a sporty feel. The car will not be disappointing to buyers who are seeking an enthusiastic ride.
The car's external design is not as appealing or eye-catching as many rival brands. Despite the car’s leather, steel pedals and various other design extras, the cabin lacks the quality feel of a VW Golf or Audi A3. The car lacks a truly premium feel.
The Mazda 3 is a fast car and is probably faster than most people will ever know. The Mazda 3 is an excellent car and should prove to be a fun car to own.
The Mazda 3 offers buyers a lot of car for their money. Fuel and insurance costs will be high though and the car’s quality of materials is not up to par with rival brands.
The car’s rear seats provide excellent passenger space with plenty of head and legroom. The front seat passengers don’t fair quite as well but have adequate passenger space.
The car’s controls and dials have an excellent lay-out but are lacking in feel due to the poor quality of materials used. Everything is easy to use and logically located but the materials used hurt the overall appeal of the controls.
The car’s front seats are comfortable and well bolstered, but the rear seats lack the same comfort and sturdy feel. Engine and road noise are successfully minimized at low speeds but become more prevalent at higher speeds. Most passengers should find the car sufficiently comfortable.
The car provides excellent accessibility with its five-door configuration. The car’s boot is also easily accessible thanks to a large but lightweight door. The boot’s load-lip is low and makes loading and unloading a breeze.
Parking the Mazda3 is easy. The car provides good visibility and is easy to maneuver at low speeds. Even parking in tight spaces shouldn’t present a problem. Parking sensors are not available and shouldn’t be needed.
Life Style
The Mazda 3 provides a fun and enthusiastic driving experience. The car delivers 260 horsepower and drivers will not be disappointed by the power on hand. The car also doesn’t have most of the problems associated with fast front-wheel drive cars.
This is not a family car. Cabin space is too limited and the car was not designed for the kind of comfort usually associated with family-style vehicles. There are much more appropriate family cars available.
First time buyers will love the Mazda 3. The car is so much fun to drive, but the rapid gear changes demanded by the six speed box may pose some problems. The car’s fuel and insurance rates will also be high for new drivers.
The Mazda 3 boasts class-leading speed and power, but due to its plain exterior and interior design the car may have a difficult time competing with flashier and more stylish prestigious badges.
Security and Safety
The car comes standard with a Thatcham Category One security alarm. This will be necessary because the car is likely to be targeted by joy-riders.
The car’s safety features include ABS, EBD, DSC, TCS, EBA and a limited slip differential. The car also includes an array of airbags, and whiplash-minimising front seats. 
The Finishing Touches
The car’s standard audio system includes an Ipod compatible BOSE Premium audio system with six-CD autochanger and seven speakers.
The car’s plain looking exterior looks the most flattering in bold colours. Red is the most flattering, but black looks good as well. Silver tends to give the car an even blander look and should be avoided.
Mazda’s 3 boasts class-leading performance and fantastic engineering, but it may still have a difficult time competing with more stylish brands due to its plain exterior and interior design. Flashier, more stylish brands may lure many buyers away.